GNOME Sensors Applet in Acer Aspire 4520

Sunday, October 7, 2007

(sorry, i dunno how to slow it down)

gnome sensors applet 1.8.1

make sure you have install gnome-applet-sensors , lm_sensors, libsensors3, hddtemp (for monitoring harddisk) via yum.

to enable hddtemp recognized our harddisk, you need to change this file /etc/sysconfig/hddtemp

# hddtemp(8) daemon options. # Add at least the disk(s) you want to monitor here.

then, try restart hddtemp with '/etc/init.d/hddtemp restart' in terminal

nvidia GPU always show '-233 ° C',sorry because i don't know how to fix this yet :P

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